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Hair Transplant in Agra

Are you a resident of Agra, suffering from continuous hair loss? If yes, then you have nothing to worry. Agra is a big city having several hair transplant clinics offering best-in-class services. Such clinics are widely available, deploy qualified surgeons and provide free consultation to all the problems related to your hair. Natural hair transplant is a renowned hair transplantation clinic in Agra. We offer competitive solutions for patients suffering from loss of hair. Please read the content carefully to get in touch with Natural Hair Transplant Clinic for your problems related to hair loss.

Agra is a major city in India. Just like any other Metro city, Agra offers warm facilities for the city's population. Treatment facilities are renowned and the city is known for state-of-the-art treatment services. We, a clinic called Natural Hair Transplant have a strong market presence in Agra. Catering to different types of patients suffering from hair loss, we are multi-specialty, aesthetic cosmetic hair transplant clinic. We excel in FUT hair transplant, at a minimum cost. FUE method of hair transplant is also very common and cost for such hair transplant remains to be the minimal. Natural Hair Transplant Clinic hosts surgeons who are well qualified and experienced in plastic and cosmetic surgery. They ensure consistently good result, especially for patients who suffer from continuous hair loss. Natural Hair transplant clinic provide WORLD CLASS TREATMENT AT BEST POSSIBLE PRICE to our entire patient coming to us from all corners of the world. We have earned very high reputation for being a center for quality of work along with hospitality and care during surgery and post surgery. In order to know more, please visit us today to book a free consultation.

There are certain factors that will cost you for hair transplant


Technique of hair transplantation is an important factor, which determines the cost of hair transplantation. Going for a Follicular Unit extraction requires a certain cost. While Follicular Unit Transplantation has a separate cost altogether.

Number of grafts required

Cost of hair transplantation greatly depends upon number of hair grafts required in the recipient area of the scalp. The higher number of grafts required would mean a greater cost.


An expert, highly skilled surgeon is often appointed in order to take care of a hair transplantation process. Qualified surgeons usually entail a high price in exchange of services.

Brand matters

The clinic you choose for hair transplant in India will also affect the cost factor. Natural Hair transplant clinic is one of the pioneers in hair transplant services in India.

Technology used

Technology used in conducting hair transplantation varies from one clinic to the other. Quality equipments are extremely important to achieve desired results. They also play a vital role when it comes to determining cost of overall transplant.

Location of Provider

Geographical location of the service provider is one major factor which determines the total cost.

While cost definitely plays a major role in your hair transplant surgery, it shouldn't be the only deciding factor while choosing the clinic and the surgeon.

Advanced and reliable hair transplant services that meet your timeline.

FUE Hair Transplant

Fue Hair Transplant

Removal of healthy hair follicles directly from one area of the scalp is known as FUE. The area of the scalp from which the hair follicles are extracted is known as the donor area. Donor area is usually, that area of the scalp, which is rich in terms of hair follicles.

Fut Hair Transplant

Fut Hair Transplant

FUT is also known as 'Strip technique'. The method is used by majority of the hair trychologists. This method is especially useful when the recipient area is quite big. However, this kind of process is understood to give permanent solution to one's hair loss problems.

Prp Therapy

Prp Therapy

Plasma replacement therapy is an important method used to enable hair transplant. Platelet rich plasma is extracted from the blood to be replaced on your scalp. This enables growth of healthy hair follicles in turn.

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Why people choose NHT

Affordable Cost

Actually, Agra is a big city hosting a huge population. The city of Agra boasts of improved treatment facilities, at a competitive cost. The costs would vary keeping in mind the variety of services that the city offers to its residents. Factors which influence costs to a large extent, include, reputation of clinics, nature of experienced surgeons and the kind of treatment process that you follow.

Natural Results

Natural results from a hair transplant procedure, is what desired by majority of patients. But, yielding natural results after a hair transplantation procedure is followed, is quite often found to be difficult. This requires a proper treatment procedure with the help of qualified surgeons. Technological intervention is one of the most important factors which yield better results post-surgery.

No Side Effects

Hair Transplantation mechanisms usually involve surgical interventions, besides consumption of medicines. Certain medications have a minor side-effect, but usually doctors would not prescribe medicines which can produce any side-effects. The best way to avoid side effects is to follow the instructions of the doctor and follow a healthy regime.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technologies for hair transplantation is becoming extremely common with each passing day. Follicular Unit extraction(popularly known as FUE) is one of the most advanced technologies that are being followed by majority of the hair transplant surgeons during the modern era. The procedure guarantees natural results at a competitive cost.